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Pro-Stride APS™

Pro-Stride APS is a proprietary system whose output produces a concentrated solution of cells, platelets, growth factors, and anti-inflammatory proteins (including IL-1ra). 

  • <20-minute blood processing (no incubation)

  • Clinically demonstrated pain relief at 52 weeks following a single injection*

  • Natural - Drug-Free

  • Ambulatory convenience

Interleukin-1, also known as IL-1, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha, also known as TNF-alpha, are the key pro-inflammatory proteins called cytokines that need to be blocked from damaging the tissue. These inflammatory cytokines bind to the cell surface receptors on the cartilage and start the process of cartilage breakdown which ultimately leads to joint pain and damage.

There are several naturally occurring inhibitors (anti-inflammatory proteins) of the pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-1 and TNF-alpha. These include the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein (IRAP), also known as IL-1ra, SIL-1r, also known as Soluble interleukin-1 receptor, and STNF-rs, known as Soluble tumor necrosis factor receptors. All of these are highly concentrated within Pro-Stride APS.

  • Pro-Stride does not require an incubation period

  • Pro-Stride's output is not an autologous conditioned serum (ACS)

  • Pro-Stride is never frozen

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* A. Bertone, Am J Vet Res 2014; 75:141-151

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